VMS Fund provides Fero with the capital it needs to build its first product

Solving Deliveries for the Rental Industry

Sometimes, customers need small equipment delivered from a rental company in a hurry (e.g. fans, cables, equipment attachments, etc). But rental companies aren’t set-up to provide quick, convenient delivery. In fact, they often resort to using the same flatbed trucks that are required to deliver bulldozers. This provides slow service to the customer and unnecessary expense to the rental company.


The solution

Fero connects rental companies with pickup truck drivers that can provide immediate delivery to customers. Fero will automatically find the driver, track the vehicles’ progress, verify delivery, and handle payment.


Fero was founded and is run by Scott Lowman. Scott is a former VP of Sales at Wynne Systems, a leading provider of software to the rental industry. Prior to that, Scott ran a branch of United Rentals, the world’s largest provider of rental equipment. After developing the idea of Fero, Scott came to VMS Fund for start capital.  VMS loved Scott’s drive and deep experience in the Rental vertical. He identified a real problem with deliveries in the market and a potential solution to fix it.


The benefits for Fero with VMS Fund on their side

With VMS Fund, Fero receives:

  • Easy access to multiple rounds of capital;
  • Advice and guidance from industry experts – such as John Bureau, a Constellation portfolio manager for software companies in the rental equipment space;
  • Partnership with some of the best software companies in the industry, such as Constellation’s Wynne Systems.


Next steps 

Fero is currently building a prototype of its solution and testing it on prospective customers


How do I apply for the fund?

You should start by emailing karl.schabas@vmsfund.com. Include a brief description of your idea and why you believe it meets the criteria of the fund. We will then arrange a follow-up call to discuss further. Keep in mind that all fund investments will require a business unit sponsor from within Constellation. If you already have a business unit leader that supports your application, be sure to include this in your email.

Any further questions, feel free to reach out to karl.schabas@vmsfund.com.

Visit the website of Fero