Developing software startups

The fund seeks to develop the next generation of enduring vertical market software startups. With the help of Constellation’s world leading operational best practices and the endorsement of a sponsoring Constellation Business Unit, we will fund and grow early-stage, industry specific software startups into profitable businesses that can endure for decades. Our deep expertise and unique investment model allow us to invest in smaller markets that are typically not appropriate for other venture capital funds. We believe that our investment and value-add model will contribute to your software startup’s success. 


Constellation Software owns and operates several hundred software companies, many of which started out as software startups. Many of our internal leaders founded software startups and have a wealth of experience building businesses. Our people know what metrics your business needs to achieve and the path to success. With thousands of software engineers, salespeople, and operations-focused employees- Constellation has an unmatched ability to help solve any problem that may arise in your software startup. Our goal is to get your business past the “startup” stage and to a mature software company that can stand on its own. If you share the same aspiration, VMS Ventures has the tools to help you, your team, and your other investors achieve this goal. 


Constellation Software has the philosophy of buying and holding vertical market software companies permanently. Over hundreds of acquisitions, we have found that software startups that operate in an industry niche can grow handsomely and be profitable, if operated correctly. Our job at VMSV is to take the next generation of software startups and help position them to occupy an industry niche. This will allow your business to profitably endure for decades.


If you would like to contact the fund for questions regarding your software startup, our approach, or anything that we can help you with- please email Karl.Schabas@vmsfund.com. (All information stays between you and Karl). We are more than happy to set up a conversation with you.


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